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Bollywood Account Registration, Verification and Login Process

Bollywood offers a variety of tremendous casino games online to punters. Transparency and accountability in Bollywood registration are virtues that keep the site in the limelight. Again, rewards such as casino welcome bonus is given to all punters upon payment of the first minimum deposit in their new account via different payment options. Bollywood has a wide-range of deposit methods and e-wallets to help users deposit money in their preferred billing currency without challenges. 

Account Registration at Bollywood

Playing at Bollywood casinos is enjoyable and comical due to their enormous games and extra bonuses that are given to the punters. However, Indian users can only enjoy these games and prizes after opening a Bollywood account. Nonetheless, the punter can still access the demos and free slots after you create an account on the website. The registration process is simple and accessible for all who have the required documents. And when you register after filling the registration form, you also get a promo code and a welcome bonus. Below is a step by step guide on the registration process.

  • Type Bollywood casino on your pc or phone and run the search icon
  • Click on the top right corner to sign-up at Bollywood. 
  • Choose the verification method you want to use via phone number, social networks, or email.
  • If you choose to email, then insert your email address and password. If you select the phone, then enter your mobile number and pin.
  • After that, press sign up, and an email will be sent to you.
  • However, if you, the punter, are interested in registering using the social network, then you can choose either Facebook or Google, which are at the bottom of the screen.

During the registration process, give all the required details correctly. If the required information about your identity is false, this will deny you the opportunity to withdraw money or even claim the welcome bonuses you have won. Note the information that you provide in the system is stored in the biodata. Hence it is impossible to change it when you want to withdraw money from your account. Therefore, to avoid frustration during the withdrawal process, ensure that you give precise details about your identity.

Also ensure that your password is not accessible to everyone in the public domain. Once you have opened an account, ensure that you keep your logins safe to enable you access the account next time with ease.

Registering via the Bollywood App

Apart from live dealers enjoying the games on the desktop version of the Indian casino, you can as well download the Bollywood mobile app and have fun on your Android or IOs devices. Using the app on your mobile devices is possible for new user and punters that already have an account in the official website. With the app, you can start playing and get notifications and enjoy the games wherever you are. To ensure you enjoy these benefits, follow the step by step instructions below to register on the app.

  • Download the Bollywood app from the play store or apple store
  • After downloading, press install and allow the app to finish the installation. 
  • Provide the correct details needed and sign in to the app. 

Sometimes you may try downloading the app, and it fails. Note many factors may contribute to this. Therefore, before you download any app, ensure that you get to the settings and allow for the download of apps from unrecognized sources. Secondly, the app is only supported by IOS and Android mobile devices. Therefore, any other punter using a different phone version will not install the app on their gadget.

Again, even if you have the Android and IOs powered versions, ensure that your phone has a minimum space of 60MB. Sometimes, the effect of the unstable network may also delay the download or installation process. Therefore, try and ensure that the place where you have an accessible web.

If you are downloading the app from the website directly, and it is failing you can contact the customer support team through live chat on the website.

Bollywood Account Verification

Opening account at Bollywood site is simple. However, to verify your account, you must follow the correct opening procedure for you to have Bollywod login pin. Note the site does not allow underage to open an account. Only individuals who have attained maturity age and have an identification card can open an account and make an initial deposit. 

Apart from attaining maturity and having the identification card, ensure that the data you provide on the site are accurate and match the ones on your ID. The information you have given will be stored in the biodata and used to verify the documents you will provide online.

Once you have provided the correct information that matches the ones in your documents, the verification process will be done within 2 to 3 minutes, and you will be eligible to start gambling on the site.. 

Sometimes, the verification process may occur for an extended period. However, note that this is likely to occur only when there is a low network from your end. Therefore, ensure that you have strong wifi and that the frequency of your phone is also good.

Bollywood Login

If you have registered online in the Bollywood casino, the next time you enter the website, you are supposed to log in but not sign up. Now, press Bollywood casino and click the Bollywood login button to log in to the website. Afterward, you must put your pin in and press the accept icon to access all the features.

Sometimes, you may realize that you have forgotten your password. In such a situation, just press the forgot or Reset password, and you will be required to place your e mail address. Ensure that the PC you are using has your email account. If it does not have, then get to the right corner of the screen and press the small icon with the Gmail account. Add your account and use the link that is sent in it to create a new pin. Note the pin-down and use it anytime you want to get into the website.

Bollywood App Login

Punters using the mobile device can also log in to the app and enjoy various games online. Now, open the Bollywood software on your phone to log into the app and insert the pin. You will be directed to the site and be able to see all the games that the site offers.

If you don’t remember your pin, do not gauss more than three times, as this may block your account. Once you have tried twice and failed, just press forget the password, and you will enter your email. After that, a link will be sent to your email to reset your pin. Ensure that you remember your pin to make it easy for you the next time you log in to your account.

Bollywood Account Problems

Regardless of the efficient services and numerous slots offered to the punters using the Bollywood casino, there are still some slight problems that the punters may face on the website. Some of the most common issues that many punters experience are difficulty receiving bonuses when an incorrect code is entered, the live support chat is not available 24/7, and the problem in playing some other games from the website when there is a low network.

Sometimes, the system may not verify the account of the punter. However, When this occurs, it results from a mismatch of the information the punter provided on the website. Another reason is when the account had been blocked for trying mischievous activities on the portal, such as hacking the account of other punters and giving falsifying information about the Bollywood software that cannot be approved in the comment section.

Sometimes, you may be bored with using an account due to the problems experienced or maybe you have multiple accounts and there are some you want to eliminate. In that matter, the account may be on the online website or just on the phone Bollywood app. Starting with the app, open the phone settings and click on password and tabs to delete an account. Under accounts, click the account you want to delete. Proceed to the accept button and have the account deleted. If you want to delete your account on the online casino website, then follow the procedure below.

  • Get to the accounts setting
  • Press on delete an account
  • Affirm that you want to remove your account by clicking yes

After following the procedure above, you will have your account deleted, and none of your information will remain on the biodata of Bollywood casino.


Bollywood is growing very fast, and many international punters are recommending it. New members joining the betting platform online run to it to gain the numerous casino games and the extra bonuses that it offers. However, it is worthwhile to understand some of the little facts about the website and the app of Bollywood.

Bollywood obeys the principle and constitution of the Indian government according to chapter 91, which grants all Indian citizens the permit to have a film. The website is legal and registered with the online betting commission that oversees its activities. 

Players in India can enjoy the games on the website using their phones or Pcs just like any other punter across the globe. In addition to that, the government taxes the website and oversees its activities to ensure that the punters are not manipulated.

What Documents do I need to Verify a Bollywood Account?

For the punter to have his account verified and accepted to function in the Bollywood software, the following documents must be provided on the website. A national identification card or a driving license. Ensure that you give the correct details of your credentials that will match what is in your national Id. If these do not match, your account won’t be verified and you won’t place bets.

Is it Safe to Share my Personal Information with Bollywood?

Things such as national identification cards are personal details. Hence, the punter should only share the documents with trusted individuals or institutions. Bollywood is a trusted institution whose operations are controlled by the gambling commission and the government. Hence, it is no harm in sharing your details with Bollywood.

Note you should not share your details with an individual’s account who is either a member of the Bollywood support team, but the documents should be submitted in the portal directly where you are asked to provide them. 

Again, availing your documents to individuals unknown on the website may make it easy for your personal account to be hacked and the money inside to be frozen. Therefore, it is appropriate to share your documents only when you are registering during the time that you are opening an account.