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Bollywood Casino Roulette

Bollywood casino roulette is a popular casino game coined after a french word meaning little wheels. It is an advanced improvement to traditional Roulette, where players had to visit a gambling facility. Bollywood casino roulette is available online on all devices, including Android and IOS devices, making it convenient to play on the go. Bollywood casino has teamed with significant casino software makers to provide users with various versions of the popular casino roulette game.

Live Roulette At Bollywood

Live Bollywood Roulette uses technology to provide the would-be traditional Roulette to computers and mobile devices, doing away with the need for players to visit a casino facility to play. Live Roulette uses cameras that allow players to place their bets just as they would in a real casino. The technology employed means players can play with other fanatics and dealers in real-time using their computer devices. The players have a vision of everything when they sit at the table. Moreover, there are chat rooms available where gamblers can chat, interact, and discuss the game in real-time, which makes for an excellent experience.

Live Roulette in Bollywood is fast-paced compared to traditional Roulette because, unlike traditional Roulette, where dealers allocate payout to each player, a computer system does this in live Roulette. Interestingly, since the casino broadcasts different games simultaneously, the players can view other games on the screen’s backdrop.

Pragmatic Play Live Indian Roulette

Pragmatic specifically create pragmatic Live Indian Roulette for the Indian Roulette market. It features a single wheel and has a standard roulette interface. Roulette allows you to save your favorite bets. You can view the game in the classic view for slower connections and standard with a big window for fast connections. The Live Indian Roulette has an RTP of 97.3% and a house edge of 2.7%. The dealer speaks English, and standard roulette strategies should be used.

Pragmatic Play Live Roulette

Pragmatic Live Roulette was developed by Pragmaticplay and is the European version. It is more popular with players than other Roulette because it has only one zero on the wheel, which makes it more generous. It offers multiple camera coverage with a zoomed-in view and excellent quality streaming. It comes with chat the player history, and if your internet is slow, you can opt for the classic view or full-screen interface for faster connections. Before each spin, players place their bets for choices including Straight up, Corner, Split, Column, Six Line, Dxen, and even chances. The RTP for the game is 97.30%, and it has a low house edge of about 2.7%.

Beter Live Roulette

Better Live offers players three versions of Roulette: Standard Roulette, French Roulette, and Auto Roulette. The three versions use the European single zero wheel. In Standard Roulette, you bet using a standard betting grid, and you can place bets using the previous results banner. You have the option for special bets. Standard Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%. French Roulette is similar to Standard Roulette except that it has a traditional standard French layout on its betting grid. French Roulette has an RTP of 98.65%. Auto Roulette uses an actual Roulette wheel controlled by motors and compressed air. Auto Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%., and betting is faster at 15 seconds.

Beter Hindi Roulette

Beter Hindi Roulette is specifically created for the Indian market. It is styled on the European style single zero wheels. Beter Hindu Roulette has an RTP of 98.65% and a house edge of 2.7%, but the player can bring it down considerably. The game allows the punter to save their bets and offers classic and standard interfaces. A player has the option of placing special bets. Beter Hindi Roulette offers players a tailored experience with native-speaking dealers.

Evolution Auto Roulette

Evolution Auto Roulette is a high-quality, fast-paced, real live wheel action created by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Auto Roulette is available as European, American, and French Roulette. Instead of a live dealer, the game is powered by an automated Roulette wheel that does between 60-80 games per hour. A further variant of Auto Roulette is Speed Auto Roulette, faster with up to 2,500 games per day. It has a broader audience appeal because of half-currency betting and faster game completion. Evolution Auto Roulette RTP is 27.30%.

Vivo Gaming Roulette

Vivo Gaming offers both European and American Roulette. They offer a fully customized live dealer with Roulette tables that stream 24/7. To achieve this, they use 4HD robotic cameras and chroma key broadcasting that effectively replaces the European Roulette background with the visual of the casino’s choice. Players get a tailored experience with native-speaking dealers. Vivo Gaming also offers fast-paced Auto Roulette and does not require a dealer because it’s fully automated. The RTP for this game is

Instant Roulette by Evolution

 Instant Roulette by Evolution features a multi-wheel system, a roulette variant that is fast-paced and more efficient. Though Instant Roulette follows the standard rules, it gives the player more control and allows you to play at your own pace online. A player can take their time before setting up their original bet. But when they bet, they get almost instant results. Instead of a couple sitting at the Roulette table, 12 wheels spin independently. The wheels spin simultaneously and are at different stages of a typical round of Roulette; hence, it’s faster than any Roulette.

Fugaso Neon Roulette

Fugaso brings freshness to the game of Roulette with competent representation. They offer something to every level of a punter with stakes between $0.10 to $300. Otherwise, it’s styled on European Roulette with standard roulette rules and a single zero wheel. Their excellent virtual gaming table will give you the feeling of being in a casino. To start playing roulette online, load the game, place your bets on the available roulette table, and spin the wheel. You can make special bets or additional Racetrack bets.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette by Evolution gaming is an advanced award-winning roulette with extended gameplay offering a unique experience to roulette players. The Roulette features a lightning multiplier feature. When activated, the host pulls the lever giving up to 5 single numbers inside bets a multiplier of 50x-500x that is rewarded to any winning bets that appear on the lightning numbers. To win in this supercharged Roulette, you need to have the best strategy that includes starting slow, focusing on single-number bets, and splitting your bets. You also must understand the basic rules of lightening Roulette, lightning roulette tricks and play responsibly.

Immersive Roulette

As the word immersive suggests, Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers one of the best roulette experiences you can not afford to missImmesive Roulette takes on the standard Roulette; however, what makes it popular with players around the world is how it is presented. The Roulette features multiple camera angles with high-quality HD live streams capturing the action with details up to 200 frames per second. You also get close-ups of the presenter from different angles. When the game stops, the player sees a slow-motion replay of the spin, adding to the game’s intensity.

French Roulette at Bollywood

Bollywood casino offers French Roulette with one of the best live dealer roulette experiences. The French Roulette at Bollywood casino is similar to standard Roulette except that it features a traditional standard French layout on its betting grid. The French Roulette wheel has numbers 1 -36 and a single zero. French Roulette differs from other Roulette with its La Partage rule, where if you make an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you only lose half of your bet. Hence, some bet types are named in French. The RTP of French Roulette at Bollywood is 98.65%, and the house edge is 2.7%.

European Roulette

European Roulette is a standard roulette aimed at European players but is available worldwide, even at Bollywood casinos for Indian players. The Roulette offers an excellent experience featuring live multi-angle camera string and the ability to chat, and is available on all your devices and is optimized for different screen sizes, including mobile. It also offers the auto-play feature and useful statistics from where players can place their outside bets and favorite bets. European Roulette makes betting easy and fast for players by offering a personal menu that saves up to 15 favorite bets. The House edge of European Roulette is 2.7%, and an RTP of 97.30%

American Roulette

American Roulette is a fun-filled, exciting roulette game that is popular with players in the US. It has a simple variance from European Roulette. For instance, it uses a double zero, while European Roulette uses a single zero. Hence, it has 38 divisions with numbers from 1 to 36, 0, and 00. While numbers 1 -36 are alternatively colored in black ad red, the zero and double zero are green. American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% and an RTP of 94.74%.


What Are the best software developers for live Roulette?

While there are many developers of roulette software, the outstanding ones include Evolution Gaming, Micro Gaming, Playtech, Play’ n’ Go, and NetENT.

What Are the best software providers of online roulette games?

Popular and experienced online roulette software providers include Evolution Gaming, Micro Gaming, Playtech, Play’ n’ Go, NetENT, Pragmatic Play, Vivo Gaming, Beter, and Fugaso.

How to win at Roulette at Bollywood Casino?

While there are many strategies for winning Roulette in Bollywood, the ones that stand out include the following:

  • Placing multiple corner bets
  • Betting on a low minimum and high maximum table
  • Staying away from single-number bets
  • Starting big

Some renowned strategies include the classic martingale strategy, which involves covering losses by increasing the betting amount after every loss, the Reverse Martingale-increasing amount of bet after every win, and the Fibonacci rule, which involves covering up previous losses.

How to play online Roulette?

Place your bet by selecting your chip size to bet with, place your chips on the bet that you wish to make, and spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, the roulette ball settles into a pocket. Online Roulette uses RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine the outcome. If you are lucky, you win.