100% up to ₹20,000 + 50 FS Your First Bonus

Bollywood Bonus

Bollywood casino offers numerous bonuses to the players after placing first deposit that are redeemable after a given period. Apart from the Bollywood bonus that is given at the beginning, there are some other prizes that punters who use the website frequently are offered.

Bollywood uses equity in the distribution of its bonuses to the punters that meet the deal of paying the required initial deposit. All the punters who join the website for the first time are offered rewards based on the amount placed at the initial deposit.

Bollywood Casino Welcome Bonus

After registration of an account online for free, the punter can take advantage and win many attractive gifts from the website. The first reward that is offered to the players is the welcome bonus. The reward is based on the amount the punter places as the initial deposit. The higher the fast payment, the greater the welcome bonus. However, note that the total amount of money the punter can get as a reward is ₹ 20000 for Indian players.

The punters are required to redeem the welcome bonus before the given period elapses. The welcome bonus amount is redeemed if the time elapses before the player claims all of them. Again, the amount given always encourages the punters to wage more and learn skills to win the games when they shall be placing their stakes.

Note that the welcome bonus always affects the amount of money the punter can withdraw from the portal. Hence, the greater the bonus, the higher the wager required to withdraw.

How to Claim Bollywood Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are always given to all punters that join the website for the first time. However, the punter must play games within the site such as blackjack, live casino, Roulette, poker, slots, and many others in order to reach the minimum wager limit before withdrawal of the earned rewards.The next task after getting the bonuses is to withdraw them as real money or donate them for charity work. Now for you to claim your bonus and withdraw the funds from your ewallet account, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to the menu on the website 
  • Enter your number and press confirm icon in the top right corner
  • After that, an SMS will be sent to you from the Bollywood casino on your phone
  • Enter the code sent to your phone and claim your bonus.

Remember, the welcome bonus offer for new players is always redeemed after a given maximum period. Hence, sometimes you may try claiming your bonus, and it fails. The delay in claiming the bonus may cause the failure. Therefore once you register online and make your initial deposit, ensure that you reclaim your rewards instantly. However, it is optional that you claim it, though it is crucial that if you are interested in the bonuses, then redeem them before time elapses.

Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirements

For the punters to have the welcome offer bonuses, they must reach the wagering requirement. However, these requirements differ depending on the amount of money the punter places as the initial deposit and the bonuses earned. 

The greater the bonus, the higher the wagering limit. In Bollywood casinos, the wager limit increases the punter’s chances to play more before they can withdraw their winnings. Before a success wager of the welcoming rewards, you must have at least a wagering limit of x10 the amount placed.

If, let’s say, a punter placed $ 10 as the initial deposit, it is a must that the gambler must gamble with at least $100. This ratio is constant for all the punters, and the amount placed as the initial deposit affects the wagering limit. Therefore, even as the punter yearns for more bonuses, placing a considerable amount of money that will not make you wager for a long time is worthwhile. 

Note that the wager limit affects the amount you can withdraw initially from your account. The same principle applies, the greater the bonus, the higher the withdrawal limit. You can win within the website, but if the amount in your online wallet account does not meet the wager limit, you will not withdraw the money but rather continue gambling with it to earn more profits.

Bollywood Promo Code

Bollywood offers different promos that allow punters to enjoy huge bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, and other promotional offers in sportsbooks for different games. Interestingly, the promo codes are different, and all punters can enjoy them based on the type of game they have chosen to play on the portal.The promotions help Bollywood casino to get positive review from users.

Cashback Bonuses

Bollywood casino offers cashback rewards to all punters but at a different rate. The amount one gets as cashback depends on the level of the player. Individuals who have been on the website for a long time and have made tremendous improvements in their games receive higher cashback than the ones who just joined the website.

One can have an account that has lasted for a very long time, but the cashback amount is still very little. Note that for your account to grow, you must be an active participant.

Again, apart from the level of individual and active participation in the account, the punter’s cashback amount is also affected by the gambler’s bet percentage. For higher casino bonus cashback rewards, place your bet on games with high stakes.

Other Bollywood Casino Bonuses

Apart from the welcoming bonuses in the Bollywood casino, the punter is still eligible for numerous benefits as they continue participating in the play. There are other offers, such as the promo code, that the punters can get on the portal. You only need to buy the voucher and experience free bets that if you win, the amount won will be deposited in your online wallet account. 

Gamblers are also showered with numerous bonuses during their birthdays. Bonuses given as birthdays do not significantly impact the withdrawal limit, like the welcome rewards that require the punter to make a number of wagers.

For the counter to get birthday bonuses, you must send your ID cards showing the dates when you were born. The punter can claim the birthday gift ten days prior, and the amount earned is sent as real money to the account. The withdrawal procedure is simple, and all punters whose details are registered in the Biodata will get feedback quickly after placing their credentials. 

Loyalty Program

Bollywood offers an online VIP program similar to the ones offered by land-based ones and other betting organizations. The Vip program enables punters to earn points based on the amount they issue for VIP. The points are redeemed and can be sued by the punter to gamble on other games. 

The VIP programs are not like cash bonuses that their percentage of getting depends on the level of play; the program is given to all punters equally.


To enjoy the games within the Bollywood platform, ensure you understand facts about Bollywood. Speculations concerning the pros and cons of any online gambling industry tend to increase as it operates. However, with the right knowledge about Bollywood, it will be very easy to differentiate between facts and rumors concerning the betting website of Bollywood. 

Below are some facts that a punter needs to understand about the Bollywood app.

Does Bollywood Offer No Deposit Bonus

Many punters are motivated by the redeemable bonuses offered by online casinos. As a way of encouraging the number of participants and increasing the earnings of the punters, Bollywood websites offer rewards at a very low wager limit making it easy for the punters to withdraw the money easily. However, still the principle of the greater the bonus, the higher the wagering limit holds.

Does Bollywood Has Loyalty Program

Bollywood has numerous services that make the punter stay for a long in their website, gambling and earning profits. Apart from the known welcome bonuses and the promo codes that contain free bets, and other rewards, Bollywood also provides VIP programs to the punters. The loyalty program is accessible to all registered punters on the website.

The punters, however, can only access the loyalty program on the website after wagering out their first win. Hence, beginners who have yet to reach the threshold of withdrawing their initial amount cannot enjoy the service. 

Can Players Get Special Mobile Bonuses

Punters using the mobile app are in a vantage position to enjoy the games even when their date is offline on the Bollywood website. However, the individuals who use the online account must buy the data. 

Punters using the app are granted equal welcome bonuses just like the one who uses the website after they complete regisistration. The amount that customers gain as a bonus while using the app varies depending on the amount placed as the initial deposit. 

In the real sense, the punter can get no set of special rewards while using the app. However, many benefits come with using the app. For example, the punter can see notifications of new games using the app. Apart from that, other benefits that come with using the app are not limited but include:

  • The punter can play the game anywhere at any time.
  • The app avails numerous games.
  • The account has strong encryption that protects it from manipulation by hackers.
  • The withdrawal procedure is simple 
  • Depositing money on the portal is easy, and punters can do it using various methods 

From the stated merits above, it is evidenced that users of the app enjoy some benefits that you can not have when you are using the website online.